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About the template:
As I said in the title, the template supports adsense (If you havn't got a credit card - you will need to apply. Credit cards are the only accepted method). This is a 3 column, specially designed template to help bloggers monitize thier site by placing ads on either side. The template has a cool and professional feel, it will be great for any area you wish to go into.

1.Adsense supportive
2.3 columns
3.professional looking design
4.classic(html) blogger template
5.looks cool and easy to use.

Note: You can replace your own header image if you want.

Download(text file)
Note:If you are a new blogger,please first check 'Hot to install a Classic Blogger Template'
Help topics for this template:
Q:How can I replace the current header image to my new one?
A:Open the downloaded template in 'Windows Notepad', and find this url
and replace the above photo url to your new photo url

Q: How to replace the left sidebar banner(the one in yellow) to my GOOGLE ADS?
A: scroll down the template till you see this code

and replace the above code with your original 'adsense code'

Q: What about the remaining banners and how to replace them?

A:Same.Just find those code and replace the codes with your given adsense codes.

Q: I still didn't understand how to use the template?

A:Simply ask your doubts here through your comments.

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